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What I bring to the table

Adobe Creative Suite, Sublime, Brackets, Atom, Chrome Dev Tools, cPanel, Heroku, Postman, Robomongo, Git.
Work Ethic
My determination to go the extra mile and complete a task is what sets me apart. I will not rest until a project is complete and delivered before schedule.
Responsive design
The ever-increasing use of mobile devices has placed responsive design first on every projects agenda. My latest projects are a reflection of this and so will every other project going forward.
I’m a firm believer that when we stop creating we stop evolving. In any task, creativity plays a center role. It allows us to innovate where we thought it was not possible.
I always keep my glass half full. It is my attitude that allowins me to accomplish that which others thought impossible.
Perhaps the most important asset that I can bring is my drive and determination. I will grind at a problem until I'm able to find the solution by any means necessary. Wax on, Wax off.
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Dorian Penaloza
Dorian Penaloza
Web Developer
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By Email: dorianpenaloza@yahoo.com
By Phone: (786) 281-0921
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